Market Update

As we emerge over the final horizon of Covid-related restrictions, organisations in almost all sectors can now look to the future with a greater degree of optimism. It goes without saying that the pandemic instigated untold turbulence and instability across communities around the world and the recruitment sector was no different. Over the past few months however, we’ve started to see a much greater appetite for recruitment, with the Finance function at the heart of that.

Moving forward, there’s a strong case for a robust Finance function being key to bouncing back and conversely, that a lack of one could hinder a business. This market update is predominantly focussed on Finance within sectors related to Heavy Industry and Property, though the trends and observations below can be related to broad range of sectors.

Now more than ever, organisations need to have strong links between their front line operations and the core numbers behind them in order to plan effectively, strategize with agility and mitigate any risks posed by the unpredictable environment. FP&A is at the core of all of that, and whilst it’s always been a key part of a successful function, the ability to act nimbly surely puts FP&A at the forefront of any organisation’s plan to bounce back.

Commercial Finance:
It has long been said that some of the best opportunities come in times of crisis and, for that reason, Commercial Finance professionals have to be considered as a key part of spearheading a post-covid resurgence. The value in Commercial Finance comes from the ability to create new opportunities, confidently build profitability and champion innovation, all reinforced with a solid financial footing. Similarly to FP&A, Commercial Finance can also act as a great bridge between front line operations and the all-important numbers.

Core Finance and accounting:
Be it for statutory requirements or purely for keeping track of a business’ finances, the more traditional “number crunching” Accountants and Controllers will always have a place in a successful business. Their presence is naturally ever-important but as with the above sub-functions, more so during these uncertain times; companies need certainty in underlying numbers in order to make decisions with confidence.

In summary, we expect the demand for strong, qualified Finance professionals to continue to grow over the coming months. Organisations have long been aware that a strong Finance function is important, but as we overcome the pandemic it could be the case that it’s not only an important function to have at full strength, but a vital one.

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