My impressions of Phipps Cameron Recruitment in my first 6 months, by Vicky Parkins.

I joined Phipps Cameron Recruitment six months ago, and the time has certainly flown by. I was hired as the company’s first Talent Acquisitions and Development Manager, with a brief to find and onboard outgoing, career-motivated and driven individuals to aid in company’s growth.

With some ambitious and exciting plans for our business, including a new office in Germany about to open, we have opportunities across all divisions and at all levels too. Not only does that mean I’m incredibly busy, but it’s certainly an exciting time to join.

So, what’s been my impression of the business in my first 6 months here? Honestly, I’m not exaggerating when I say first off that it’s an amazing place to be based. Our office is just off Regent Street, right near Carnaby Street, so it’s a very buzzy atmosphere, with lots of great options for entertaining clients. We’re right next to Kingley Court too, and you can hear the jazz bands playing behind us. The shopping is lethal though, especially when the sales are on!

But most importantly, it really is a great team to work with. Everyone is genuinely really nice and we all get on. It’s one of the best things about it being a small company and not a huge corporate.

Our boutique agency status is also why a lot of recruiters have recently joined us. Some of our competitors from which they’ve moved from are big companies, and people have huge KPIs to meet with lots of micro-managing. You can be on the phone all day just calling people in order to hit targets.

We’re not like that. We give people autonomy and ownership of their day and desk. We treat people like adults. You’re a person, not a number, and you can put your stamp on things. You know what you need to achieve with your desk, and we trust and support you to deliver on that. We offer a market-leading commission scheme to our consultants – it’s the best one around. We believe in generously rewarding those who work hard for our business. Top billers also have the chance to go on overseas trips, with a trip to Germany coming soon for those lucky individuals.

There is also a slightly more mature feeling to the office. We don’t tend to hire grads, so everyone here is an experienced recruiter and whilst we’re a sociable bunch, we’re certainly not out burning the midnight oil every night.

We’re expected to be in the office two days a week minimum, but lots of people choose to come in every day, just because they like the atmosphere and being able to bounce off each other. We also finish at 4.30pm on Fridays and everyone tends to go for a drink before heading off for the weekend.

My first six months here have been fantastic and I’m so glad I found Phipps Cameron. It really has exceeded all of my expectations as a place to work and I genuinely love the team of people I work with. I can’t wait to see what the future holds here.

Interested in joining our growing team?

We’re looking for experienced 360 recruiters across all levels and disciplines to continue to grow our teams in London and Hamburg. Finance recruitment experience is preferred, but not essential. If you’re interested in an informal chat, or would like to apply, please get in touch, I’d love to hear from you: or 07708 470 448.