A recruitment process can incorporate a number of different scenarios and PCR have put together this page to help the candidate best prepare for every eventuality.


For some companies these tests are conducted throughout the whole working population and is bench-marked at various levels. Apart from the obvious numerical and verbal skills, testing this process also tests your planning skills to put sufficient quiet time aside to complete the tests effectively, Your time management skills to complete the whole test. It is also a measure of your commitment to the process; there is often some resistance from candidates to completing the tests which they do not see as relevant. There is often no getting out of it so it’s a case of getting it done effectively and to the best of your ability:


It may have been a while since you have undertaken any testing and the best way to ensure a good score is simply to practice. There are variety of main testing companies however the SHL site is very useful.


~ Calm
~ Treat as first interview
~ Be wary of time


Without knowing the full competencies being assessed at a group exercise it is hard to predict what the exercise will be. Saying that, it is likely that the focus will focus on the following areas:

Ability to work effectively as part of a team – this not only means your ability to contribute in the group discussion but also to actively listen to others, and accept or challenge various points of view. Don’t feel you have to speak all the time as the assessors will be looking for a balanced approach.

Problem solving – it is likely that you will be asked as a group to resolve a problem, take time as a group to logically think through your approach to the problem as this could have the same weighting as the solution itself. Ensure that all roles are covered within the group eg time keeper, presenter, scribe, summariser etc but do not let these roles dominate your role in the exercise.

Inclusion – the best team players ensure that everyone is included, try to give everyone a chance to put across their point of view.

Communication – try to speak as confidently and clearly as possible – there is little time in a group discussion to impress so concise and well thought out statements are preferable.