What are the current trends in the Pharmaceutical industry? 

At Phipps Cameron we work across various sectors with some of the most well-known organisations in the world as well as fast growth Private Equity and Venture Capital backed business. We have a growing presence in the European market and have successfully completed a number of placements.

Due to the pandemic many sectors such as Retail, Aviation and Hospitality were adversely affected. However, we have seen the Pharmaceutical industry thrive during these uncertain times. The pandemic has accelerated research, manufacturing, and marketing of drugs to treat and prevent the disease.

This industry is a key asset to European economy as well as driving medical progress by researching, developing and bringing new medicines that improve quality of life for patients around the world. We have recently been placing candidates in Germany and Switzerland.

Here are the top 6 trends in the Pharmaceutical industry:

1. Vaccines have inevitably been dominating the pharmaceutical industry since the emergence of COVID-19. There are an estimated 200 vaccines currently in development to combat the virus, with the industry seeing unprecedented collaboration and joint ventures to respond to the pandemic. Perhaps this will pave the way for future alliances and between organizations in the industry.

2. We have witnessed increased investment into innovative breakthrough therapies and treatments to combat rare diseases. Gene and cell therapies have been used for accelerated advancements within cancer treatments with over 700 drugs in late stage development.

3. Increasing global competition has continued within the market, with many tipping players in the Asian markets to start challenging the traditional powerhouses within the US. Greater competition we hope will be beneficial to the market and lead to further innovation and growth opportunities.

4. We work closely with our clients and we are seeing a large opportunity for non-patented drugs for businesses to add to their portfolio which are allowing a large amount of businesses scaling up at speed.

5. As in nearly every sector technology has of course played a pivotal role in shaping of the pharmaceutical industry. Technological advancements have reduced drug designing and production times drastically, as well improving supply chains. We only expect this continue and for technology to be at the forefront of efficiency.

6. The customer is always right… We have seen an ever increasing customer centric approach by many players in the market. Patient surveys and feedback are becoming common practice and vital for companies to improve customer satisfaction.